Jentai Gets Fucked Hard

April 25th, 2010

Hentai Mania

Tashi had had a crush on Jentai for a long time but she had never seemed interested in him before. One day a few weeks ago when he stayed after classes to grade some papers for some of his students he ended up staying later than he expected and as he walked past one of the classrooms he spotted Jentai sitting at a table working on a paper. Walking in to the room he wanted to tell her that it was late and she should be getting home but as he stood at the back of the room watching her as she worked unaware that he was there he imagined all of the things he wanted to do to her.

He imagined the nineteen year olds breath as he walked up behind her and pushed her into the desk, rubbing his fat dick against her ass. He imagined her moan as he lifted up her skirt and carefully, slowly he slid his cock head in to her incredible tight pussy. He imagined how tightly her perfect twat would squeeze around his dick until he was ready to explode deep inside her, how she would beg to get filled with his delicious cum.

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