Kelly’s Sex Teacher

April 26th, 2010

Her Old Sex teacher

Kelly and her neighbor Al had always been unusually close. Whenever she had a problem she would go over there and talk to him about it and whenever he wanted company he’d go over to her place and they’d watch tv or a film together. Well last week when Al went over to her place and they got to talking Kelly was telling him how unsure she was about this new guy she’d been seeing. She said that he’d always been a jock and got so much pussy he didn’t know what to do with it and she was afraid she’d been too inexperienced for him.

Al decided that he was going to do Kelly a favor and he told her that because they were such good friends that he would teach her a few moves that would make this guy think that she really knew what she was doing. Kelly really wasn’t sure about Al seeing her nude let alone fucking her tight pussy, but she knew she didn’t stand a chance otherwise so stripping off she spread her legs for him and waiting for his fat cock to part her juicy pussy lips!

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