Aliyah Gets Licked

April 28th, 2010

Lust Comics

Aliyah walked in to the hold of the ship. A cool breeze blew through her hair and the doors slammed shut behind her. She knew that they had flown through a forcefield but she hadn’t known that it had temporarily distorted the fabric of time and space and allowed something to board the ship through the hold. As the door slammed she wanted to stand her ground but she felt something brushing against her skin. Her robe opened and she felt the invisible field sliding across every inch of her skin. Her pussy started to get wet.

Soon she was sliding her fingers over her body and without conscious effort she walked to the center of the room and sat on an invisible object. As she looked down something materialized, It horrified her but she couldn’t help but be seduced by it’s long transparant tongue. As she watched the tongue slid up between her legs. Lapping at her juicy pussy it bared it’s huge green teeth but all Aliyah could think about was how good it’s long tongue felt lapping at her plump clit and her dripping wet pussy.

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