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Nancy Gets Pounded

April 30th, 2010

Mature Debutants

Nancy had been working at the office for years now and while her retirement was approaching quickly she was trying to get every day she could in at work to spend time around the new boss. Her old boss had been a pretty old guy but when a much younger man took over the company Nancy just couldn’t get enough of him. She yearned to feel his cock inside her pussy and she knew she could teach him a thing or two about how to fuck but she was afraid that if she tried to come on to him she might lose her job.

Last week though when he called Nancy in to his office for some dictation work it turned in to more dick-tation than dictation! Nancy was sitting on the couch ready to take notes but when her boss just whipped out his cock and walked over to her she pulled down her skirt and panties and spread her legs. She couldn’t believe that she was finally getting to fuck her boss and when she finally felt his cock in her tight twat she couldn’t help but moan as loud as she could!

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Reilly and Andie Share a Cock

April 29th, 2010

Mature Lessons

Reilly hadn’t been friends with Andie for very long, she didn’t usually hang out with women who were so much older than she was but when she met her one night at one of her favorite bar hangouts they started chatting. The more they talked the more Reilly started to love Andie, especially her attitude towards guys – fuck ‘em and leave ‘em. She even offered to hook Reilly up with some of her hottest guy friends and give her a good fucking lesson or two if she was up for something a little kinky. Reilly really wasn’t sure at the time but last Friday she was pretty bored and a little drunk and she ended up giving Andie a call.

Andie already had a guy over at her place when Reilly arrived and she was already teasing him on the bed. When Reilly walked in to the room she saw Andie rub her hand against the guys dick. Soon enough the guy was laying on the bed butt naked and both of the women were teasing his dick. He was in paradise and Andie took Reilly’s hand and started to show her just how to do it to make him cum.

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Aliyah Gets Licked

April 28th, 2010

Lust Comics

Aliyah walked in to the hold of the ship. A cool breeze blew through her hair and the doors slammed shut behind her. She knew that they had flown through a forcefield but she hadn’t known that it had temporarily distorted the fabric of time and space and allowed something to board the ship through the hold. As the door slammed she wanted to stand her ground but she felt something brushing against her skin. Her robe opened and she felt the invisible field sliding across every inch of her skin. Her pussy started to get wet.

Soon she was sliding her fingers over her body and without conscious effort she walked to the center of the room and sat on an invisible object. As she looked down something materialized, It horrified her but she couldn’t help but be seduced by it’s long transparant tongue. As she watched the tongue slid up between her legs. Lapping at her juicy pussy it bared it’s huge green teeth but all Aliyah could think about was how good it’s long tongue felt lapping at her plump clit and her dripping wet pussy.

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Tiffany Takes a Shower

April 27th, 2010

Ideal Tits

Tiffany works in a big office building downtown, she works long hours and spends most of the day reading through and filing piles and piles of paperwork. Tiffany does duck in to the storage cupboard once in a while though to rub her pussy whenever she thinks of Dan from accounting. The very thought of him sliding his hand in to her panties as she passes by his desk makes her pussy wet. Tiffany would never dare to act on it but she has always fantasized about finally getting to feel his hands on her tits while his cock slid deep in to her pussy.

When Tiffany gets home from work everyday she goes straight for the shower. The warm water flows over her skin and she can’t help but run her hands over her huge plump titties. She feels her nipples getting hard on her perfect titties as she grabs the showerhead and drops down to her knees. Running to water over her smooth and supple skin Tiffany imagines Dan’s tongue sliding between her pussy lips, lapping at her sweet pussy nectar as she rides his face. It isn’t long before Tiffany feels her body tensing up.

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Kelly’s Sex Teacher

April 26th, 2010

Her Old Sex teacher

Kelly and her neighbor Al had always been unusually close. Whenever she had a problem she would go over there and talk to him about it and whenever he wanted company he’d go over to her place and they’d watch tv or a film together. Well last week when Al went over to her place and they got to talking Kelly was telling him how unsure she was about this new guy she’d been seeing. She said that he’d always been a jock and got so much pussy he didn’t know what to do with it and she was afraid she’d been too inexperienced for him.

Al decided that he was going to do Kelly a favor and he told her that because they were such good friends that he would teach her a few moves that would make this guy think that she really knew what she was doing. Kelly really wasn’t sure about Al seeing her nude let alone fucking her tight pussy, but she knew she didn’t stand a chance otherwise so stripping off she spread her legs for him and waiting for his fat cock to part her juicy pussy lips!

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Jentai Gets Fucked Hard

April 25th, 2010

Hentai Mania

Tashi had had a crush on Jentai for a long time but she had never seemed interested in him before. One day a few weeks ago when he stayed after classes to grade some papers for some of his students he ended up staying later than he expected and as he walked past one of the classrooms he spotted Jentai sitting at a table working on a paper. Walking in to the room he wanted to tell her that it was late and she should be getting home but as he stood at the back of the room watching her as she worked unaware that he was there he imagined all of the things he wanted to do to her.

He imagined the nineteen year olds breath as he walked up behind her and pushed her into the desk, rubbing his fat dick against her ass. He imagined her moan as he lifted up her skirt and carefully, slowly he slid his cock head in to her incredible tight pussy. He imagined how tightly her perfect twat would squeeze around his dick until he was ready to explode deep inside her, how she would beg to get filled with his delicious cum.

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Tony Teases Teen Pussy

April 24th, 2010

Grandpas Sleepyhead

Tony had been working at the apartment complex for a while now, mostly he just kept up with all the handy man work, fixing faucets, unlocking accidentally locked doors etc it was pretty mundane stuff but it paid the bills and that was what mattered. Last week Tony had a postit on his desk to remind him to go up to apartment 10A and fix the master bathroom sink that had been leaking for over a week. Things had just got so backed up that Tony hadn’t got to it yet but he knew if he didn’t do it then he was going to end up getting in trouble with his boss so he headed up there.

Tony must not have made enough noise when he went in to the apartment because when he went to get to the master bathroom he found the girl who lived there laying on the bed sleeping completely naked. He knew he should wake her up but as he watched her with her perky tits and her bare shaved pussy he couldn’t bring himself to wake her. Instead he dropped his pants and pulled out his throbbing dick, as he stroked it he gently slid a finger inside her sleeping twat.

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Mr Allen Teaches Fucking

April 23rd, 2010

Gay Lessons

Randy and Ian were sitting at home on the couch and started to tease each other. It wasn’t an unusual game for the boys to play while watching tv and it usually led to full blown blowjobs and fucking but last night while they were teasing each other, already completely naked there came a knock at the door. The guys didn’t want to stop or get dressed so they ignored the knocking but when that knock started at the living room window and they looked up and saw their English teacher peering through the window they jumped.

After letting Mr Allen in it wasn’t long before he started telling them that they had been doing it all wrong. He told Ian that he needed to lean in more when he was sucking dick and then Iam made the mistake of telling him that if he knew better maybe he should do it himself. It was then that Mr Allen took off his shorts and pulled out his fat cock. As he critiqued the boys and set them in the right position Ian couldn’t deny that his cock did feel a lot harder when he did it Mr Allen’s way!

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Breaking Up A Fight To Suck Dick

April 22nd, 2010

Gay Cartton

Andrew walked in to his club on Thursday to find two of his employees fighting right in front of the entryway. Standing between the two of them he told them both that he wasn’t about to stand there and listen to them going at it in his business and he wanted them to both clear out and cool off. The bigger of the two guys, Don, stormed out of the front door but the fitter of the two guys,  Gregg, started apologising telling Andrew he was sorry and that he got cornered. Andrew told him to forget it and then he grabbed Gregg’s hand and pulled him back in to the bathrooms.

Gregg thought Andrew wanted to show him that someone had trashed the bathroom but when he pulled him in and started making out with him. Gregg hasn’t made out with a guy before but when he felt his bosses lips against his he also felt his fat dick getting harder and so did Andrew. It wasn’t long before Gregg found himself standing there completely naked and Andrew was on his knees sucking off Gregg’s dick. Gregg knew what was coming next and he couldn’t wait to bury his cock in Andrew’s ass!

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Kevin and Carlo Suck Cock

April 21st, 2010

Favorite Boys

Kevin and Carlo had been friends for a long time and they’d never actually thought about touching each other in that way but after a few drinks to celebrate Kevin’s birthday things got a little bit out of hand. Kevin leaned over and started to kiss Carlo, pressing his lips against Carlo’s. At first Carlo didn’t kiss back but when he felt Kevin’s tongue running along his lips he opened his mouth slightly and gave in to Kevin’s probing tongue. Carlo leaned back and suggested that they try getting in the hot tub to relax a little, Kevin jumped at the chance and started to strip.

Once they got in the tub Kevin leaned over and started to stroke his hand over Carlo’s dick. Between the warm water and Kevin’s hand stroking his shaft he was hard in no time and it was then that Carlo lifted himself out of the tub and sitting on the edge he beckoned Kevin over to suck his cock. Kevin didn’t hesitate and slowly he lowered his wet mouth over Carlo’s throbbing dick. It felt so wrong but so good to feel his friend’s dick in his mouth and he couldn’t stop himself from sucking him off.

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