Ramona Sucking Dick

May 1st, 2010

MILF Wishes

Ramona is a sexy young MILF who has always fantasized about sucking off three guys at once but unfortunately for her things just didn’t work out like that in her life. She ended up having a son and getting tied down to a family and she really felt like she’d missed out on her fantasy…that is until she was walking through the park the other day on her way to work and she saw these three men sitting around. They all got to talking and the more they talked the more Ramona kept imagining what it’d be like to fuck all of them until finally she just asked them to fuck.

When they got back to Ramona’s house she was quick to get naked and start sucking cock. She tugged at one throbbing cock while she sucked on another and then things got even better! Ramona bent over and took a massive black dick in her tight wet twat while she sucked off another one of the strangers cocks! She couldn’t believe that she was finally having her wish come true and it felt so amazing to have a strangers dick inside her pussy!

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