Tracey Gets Pounded

May 3rd, 2010

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Hot blonde MILF Tracey has always been a total slut, there isn’t a second when this blonde babe isn’t obsessing about cramming a fat cock in to her MILFY pussy. Her husband has no idea about what a dirty little slut she is and when he goes out to work each morning she sets to work in her own little business – finding a dick to keep her satisfied until her husband gets home! Last Friday when she was home, just after her husband had left the cable guys arrived to check on some connection issues.

When the guys walked in to the house they found Tracey standing there in her black lace top stockings and her see through nightie. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing but the younger of the two made the first move. Grabbing her by the hand he told her to take him to the bedroom. Throwing himself on to the bed he unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick and Tracey fell face first on to his dick almost swallowing it whole! It wasn’t long before the second cable guy came in for some fun too and Tracey was double stuffed!

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