Oliver and John Fuck

May 8th, 2010

Real Drunken Boys

Oliver and John had been having guys nights out for a few months now and usually they go out to their local bar, have a few brews and just watch a game or two on the big screen. Last week though Oliver’s girlfriend left him and being newly divorced John invited him to come over to his place instead so that he could vent without being in public. Oliver was happy for the invitation and grabbing a few six packs he went over to John’s place fir a guys night in.

It didn’t take long for them to finish both six packs and they were both pretty drunk. John went out of the room to go to the bathroom and Oliver went to nose around the house to see what he could find. Before he knew what was going on he had stepped in to the bedroom and John went up behind him and rubbed his dick against his ass. Oliver wasn’t sure what to do at first and then he pushed back instinctively and within just a few minutes Oliver found himself bent over the bed with his naked ass up in the air and John’s huge dick buried in his tight puckered asshole.

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