Amanda Gets Drunk

May 9th, 2010

Real Drunken Sluts

Amanda had just landed a new job and her best friend Greg was so excited that he wouldn’t have to listen to her bitch about being unemployed anymore that he set up a little congratulations party for her at their place Amanda was so excited about the party and she grabbed a new bottle of gin and headed over to the party. When Amanda got there it was only her, Greg and one of their other friends Henry but Amanda was too excited to wait so they started drinking a little early. Amanda had no idea that it was only going to be the three of them all night!

After a few hours of playing drinking games Amanda was so drunk she could hardly move but she kept bragging to the guys about what a good lay she was until finally Greg told her to prove it. Amanda didn’t have to be told twice and slipping out of everything but her top – which she couldn’t get over her head – she spread her legs and told the guys to bring it on. As Greg slid his dick in to her mouth Henry slid his cock between her legs and then Amanda passed out!

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