Sam Gets Tricked

May 11th, 2010

Studs Fun

Sam was relatively new to the tech company he was working for but so far he really liked the job. He got to wear his jeans on the job and he got to pay calls to some really hot and horny women who were stranded at home and needed his help getting their computers up and running. His first week he’d come home with three horny women’s telephone numbers and had been chased out of one house by an angry boyfriend already! Then at the beginning of this week things took a pretty strange turn.

Sam answered a call and when he got to the condo he found two women waiting for him outside the door. They escourted him in to the condo and started pulling at his belt and rubbing his stomach and Sam couldn’t help but rub his hand over their tits. Then he noticed something strange, he noticed stubble and their titties felt strange but by the time he realized that they were horny cross dressing chicks he was already rock hard and his cock ached for some kind of action. The girls were more than willing to help him as they teased his dick through his jeans!

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