Slutty Mom Gets DP’d

May 17th, 2010

Banged Moms

Tina has always been a kinky MILF who just can’t get enough cock and it has always been her fantasy to get her MILF pussy pounded hard by four guys at once. Even when she was married Tina would beg her husband to let her fuck every other man they set eyes on wherever they went. It grew old really fast for her husband and soon he walked out leaving her to her own devices but Tina was perfectly happy to be left to her own devices. Just after her son left for college Tina decided that she was going to make her biggest fantasy come true, she was going to find herself four guys to fuck all at the same time.

Tina just had to go to the local bar to find the guys she planned on taking home. She found the first and second at the same time but the other two took a few phone calls but it wasn’t long before she was in her bedroom with four total strangers who couldn’t wait to bury their dicks in to her tight puckered holes. Tina didn’t hesitate before begging them to fill every orafice!

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