Hugh and Damien Cocksucking Fun

May 22nd, 2010

Black Seducer

Hugh had been studying under Damien at the local university for a couple of years now. Hugh was a artist who was particularly good at what he did and Damien had taken a real interest in him and his work. For as long as Hugh had been studying under Damien his career had really taken off as a local artist. As they spent more and more time together, however Hugh and Damien started growing closer and closer together. It started off with Damien inviting Hugh over for dinner at his place one night to put together a proposal and soon it became a dinner to remember.

Damien knew it wasn’t proper to seduce his students but he just couldn’t help himself when he saw Hugh’s delicious body under his tight shirt. It started off when Damien brushed his hand across Hugh’s chest and then he “accidentally” brushed against his dick and soon he was throwing him down on the bed and sliding his dick in to Hugh’s puckered asshole. Hugh couldn’t believe that he was fucking his mentor but it felt so good and just the thrill of feeling his teacher fucking his tight ass was enough to get him off!

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