Gay Fuck Party

May 23rd, 2010

Boys Collection

Victor, Julio and Marcus had finally made it to spring break. It had seemed like such a long time coming and they had been waiting for just a litte time off so that they could take a break and they fully intended on taking a break. Victor had told both of the guys to spend the week at his apartment and they had stocked up on beer, frozen food and good movies and video games. They had planned to chill out at the pool all day and party at night every single night during break.

When the first day of Spring break rolled around though the guys were ready to go and cannonball in to the pool. The guys didn’t think much about changing in front of each other as they drank their beers but when Victor brushed against Julio’s dick and Julio’s cock started to get hard the guys got a little distracted. Victor “accidentally” slipped again but this time his face brushed Julio’s cock and as the guys started to tease each other on dare’s they also started to get rock hard. Soon enough plans for the pool went on the back burner and the guys fell on to the couch to play cock hardening games!

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