Simon’s Wedding Night

May 24th, 2010

Boys Wedding

Simon had been waiting for his wedding day to arrive. He’d already had his bachelors party and he’d made it to the hotel with his best man in tow and now all he had to do was make it through the night before his wedding and he’d be there. The problem was, however, that the night before his wedding his best man Hal had ordered far too many beers and they had both only just managed to stumble up to their hotel room with an extra beer bottle in hand. When they got there Simon sat down at the desk and tried to check his email. While he was checking his mail he clicked on a gay porn link by accident and called Hal over to check it out.

The whole night seemed to hinge on that moment because in their drunken fantasies they both started to tease each other and soon Hal was on his knees with Simon’s fat throbbing cock between his lips. Simon knew what he was doing was wrong but he loved how Hal’s mouth felt around his dick. Soon both of them were completely naked with rock solid dicks and getting in to a lot of trouble!

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