Carla Gets Her Ass Creamed

May 28th, 2010

Creampie Mania

Carla is a big tittied babe who always gets her way in the bedroom but one night her boyfriend suggested that they try anal and Cala wasn’t too sure. She had tried it once before in school but it hurt so much that she told him to stop and she hadn’t tried it since. Her boyfriend told her he’d do anything and when Carla heard the word anything she knew that she had a shot at the new jean’s she’d been wanting but hadn’t been able to save up for yet so she told him she’d make a deal, anal for a pair of jeans.

Carla thought that maybe if she made her boyfriend cum before they had anal then she could get her jeans and get away with it but her boyfriend caught on to her tricks and just as he started sliding his dick in and out of her twat he pulled out and slid his cock deep in to her tight puckered asshole. Carla couldn’t believe the sneak attack but she had to admit that once his cock was in her ass it felt so good that she couldn’t stop until she was full of jizz!

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