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Andrea Smoking Cock

May 31st, 2010

Dirty Smokers

Andrea is a delicious raven haired babe who has always smoked but she didn’t know until she met up with Alfie what a turn on smoking could be for some guys! Andrea certainly enjoyed a good smoke but as it turned out Alfie enjoyed a good cigarette a lot more than she did! Every time that Andrea lit up around him she watched his eyes light up and he just couldn’t tear his eyes off her cigarette or the clouds of white smoke that puffed from her lips.

Occasionally Andrea would really tease Alfie and while she lit up she’d reach over and grab hold of his dick getting it nice and hard through his pants. Then Andrea would tell him to get his fat cock out and then as she took a puff off her cigarette she stroked his dick and then blew a cloud of smoke all over the head of his cock. She felt his cock throbbing in her hand as the soft smoke billowed around his dick head. She had never had a guy so in to her smoking before but she had to say it was a pretty big turn on just watching him!

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Sarah’s Humongous Dildo

May 30th, 2010

Cute Joy

Sarah is a cute blonde teen who has never had any hangups when it came to her sexuality. When her boyfriends suggested that she try something new she wouldn’t hesitate to give it a try and see what happened. A few weeks ago when her boyfriend suggested that she give one of his friends, a photographer, a call and do some naughty pictures Sarah didn’t think twice about it! Before her boyfriend knew what was going on Sarah had his friend on the other end of the phone and was arranging a photoshoot for the afternoon.

When Sarah got there she knew what to expect, she knew that he’d want her to strip off completely naked. Sarah wasn’t a prude she was actually pretty turned on at the thought of showing off all her deepest darkest secrets for the camera. She had quite a surprise for him though when she opened up the suitcase she’d brought with her and pulled out the biggest dildo any of them had ever seen! There was no possible way that Sarah could cram that massive cock in to her slit but she was certainly going to give it a try for the camera!

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Jordan’s Cum Filled Ass

May 29th, 2010

Cum From The Ass

Jordan and Franco have been out for a while but they had only ever been best friends and not lovers. Last week though when the two of them found out that they had got in to med school they went out and bought a few six packs to celebrate. As they celebrated through the night they started by playing a few video games and guzzling beer. Then the guys decided to play a few drinking games. With the way the two of them liked to drink things quickly got out of hand and they were both off their asses!

Jordan soon found himself butt naked on the couch claiming that he was so hot he couldn’t take it anymore. Franco couldn’t keep his eyes off Jordan’s cock as he sat there on the couch playing video games. Franco decided that he wasn’t going to be the only one clothed so he stripped off too but as soon as he did Jordan fell face first on to his cock! Jordan started sucking him off hard and fast but Franco told him he wanted him to fuck his tight ass instead. It wasn’t long before Franco had warm cum dripping from his ass!

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Carla Gets Her Ass Creamed

May 28th, 2010

Creampie Mania

Carla is a big tittied babe who always gets her way in the bedroom but one night her boyfriend suggested that they try anal and Cala wasn’t too sure. She had tried it once before in school but it hurt so much that she told him to stop and she hadn’t tried it since. Her boyfriend told her he’d do anything and when Carla heard the word anything she knew that she had a shot at the new jean’s she’d been wanting but hadn’t been able to save up for yet so she told him she’d make a deal, anal for a pair of jeans.

Carla thought that maybe if she made her boyfriend cum before they had anal then she could get her jeans and get away with it but her boyfriend caught on to her tricks and just as he started sliding his dick in and out of her twat he pulled out and slid his cock deep in to her tight puckered asshole. Carla couldn’t believe the sneak attack but she had to admit that once his cock was in her ass it felt so good that she couldn’t stop until she was full of jizz!

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Marcus Sucking and Fucking

May 27th, 2010

Crazy Gay Bus

Marcus was headed home from a few handy man jobs that he’d picked up to make ends meet when he heard a van coming up behind him. He moved over to the side of the road to let the van pass but as it approached him he heard it stop and a voice called out to him asking if he needed work. Marcus really needed the money so he walked over and asked what they were looking for. The guys looked him up and down and told him that he should get in the van and they’d show him. Marcus really couldn’t afford to be picky so he got in the van.

As soon as Marcus got in the van he looked over and saw a guy standing in front of him with his big black cock out and when he turned around to look at the other guy who had called to him he saw that he had his dick out too! Marcus started to tell them that it wasn’t his sort of thing but when the guy told him he would give him $500 if he let them do anything they wanted to him. Marcus didn’t even think about it before saying yes!

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Tiffany Takes Two Dicks

May 26th, 2010

Crazy DP

Tiffany has always been a multi-tasker, she even multi-tasks with her boyfriends and she has such an attitude that she doesn’t care if they find out about each other as long as she’s getting her fill. Usually her men start backing off when they realize that she’s cheating on them but last month when the two guys she had been seeing realized that she was fucking both of them things didn’t quite go as they usually did. The guys called each other and arranged to meet up with Tiffany at her place late one Saturday night.

Tiffany had no idea what she was in for when she walked in to the house and the guys were there waiting for her but she soon found out! The guys told her that they knew what she had been doing and they weren’t  going to let her get away with it. Tiffany looked as though she was about to start explaining herself but the guys told her to strip naked instead and it wasn’t long before Tiffany found herself taking a dick in her pussy and a dick in her mouth! She couldn’t believe it!

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Veronica Gets Her Chubby Clit Fucked

May 25th, 2010

Chubby Go Bad

Veronica is a chubby redheaded babe who just can’t get enough cock. Whenever she goes to a bar with her friends she always ends up going home with a guy whether she knows him very well or not! All of her skinny friends get pretty upset because they don’t understand how Veronica can get so many guys and yet they just can’t find one decent guy. What they don’t know is that Veronica is such a whore that she doesn’t do the normal clingy girl thing she would much rather have a quick nasty fuck and get it over with!

Last week Veronica met this guy at one of her favorite bars and she didn’t hesitate to take him home once she rubbed up against his throbbing cock and realized that she was just as hungry for it as she was! When they got back to her place Veronica stripped just as fast as she could and spreading her legs she begged her new fucking buddy to pound her tight pussy until she couldn’t take it anymore. When she was almost ready to cum he pulled out and crammed his dick deep in to her tight puckered asshole!

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Simon’s Wedding Night

May 24th, 2010

Boys Wedding

Simon had been waiting for his wedding day to arrive. He’d already had his bachelors party and he’d made it to the hotel with his best man in tow and now all he had to do was make it through the night before his wedding and he’d be there. The problem was, however, that the night before his wedding his best man Hal had ordered far too many beers and they had both only just managed to stumble up to their hotel room with an extra beer bottle in hand. When they got there Simon sat down at the desk and tried to check his email. While he was checking his mail he clicked on a gay porn link by accident and called Hal over to check it out.

The whole night seemed to hinge on that moment because in their drunken fantasies they both started to tease each other and soon Hal was on his knees with Simon’s fat throbbing cock between his lips. Simon knew what he was doing was wrong but he loved how Hal’s mouth felt around his dick. Soon both of them were completely naked with rock solid dicks and getting in to a lot of trouble!

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Gay Fuck Party

May 23rd, 2010

Boys Collection

Victor, Julio and Marcus had finally made it to spring break. It had seemed like such a long time coming and they had been waiting for just a litte time off so that they could take a break and they fully intended on taking a break. Victor had told both of the guys to spend the week at his apartment and they had stocked up on beer, frozen food and good movies and video games. They had planned to chill out at the pool all day and party at night every single night during break.

When the first day of Spring break rolled around though the guys were ready to go and cannonball in to the pool. The guys didn’t think much about changing in front of each other as they drank their beers but when Victor brushed against Julio’s dick and Julio’s cock started to get hard the guys got a little distracted. Victor “accidentally” slipped again but this time his face brushed Julio’s cock and as the guys started to tease each other on dare’s they also started to get rock hard. Soon enough plans for the pool went on the back burner and the guys fell on to the couch to play cock hardening games!

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Hugh and Damien Cocksucking Fun

May 22nd, 2010

Black Seducer

Hugh had been studying under Damien at the local university for a couple of years now. Hugh was a artist who was particularly good at what he did and Damien had taken a real interest in him and his work. For as long as Hugh had been studying under Damien his career had really taken off as a local artist. As they spent more and more time together, however Hugh and Damien started growing closer and closer together. It started off with Damien inviting Hugh over for dinner at his place one night to put together a proposal and soon it became a dinner to remember.

Damien knew it wasn’t proper to seduce his students but he just couldn’t help himself when he saw Hugh’s delicious body under his tight shirt. It started off when Damien brushed his hand across Hugh’s chest and then he “accidentally” brushed against his dick and soon he was throwing him down on the bed and sliding his dick in to Hugh’s puckered asshole. Hugh couldn’t believe that he was fucking his mentor but it felt so good and just the thrill of feeling his teacher fucking his tight ass was enough to get him off!

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