Alivia Fucked By Aliens

June 1st, 2010

Evil Comics

Alivia had been working all day planting the garden in the biodome of the living quarters. The atmospheric pressure had been wavering for a few days and some of the plants hadn’t made it so she had had to replant quite a few of the seeds. After she finished planting she was covered in soil so she headed in to take a shower and wash off. After she had cleaned off she slipped in to a pair of stockings and a dress and went out for a walk around the station to get a little fresh air.

As she rounded the back of the living quarters she spotted some blue green lizards hopping around in the garbage heap. She tried shouting at them and most of them fled and as she walked over to see what a mess they had made she bent down to pick up a couple of stray cans. As she bent over one of the lizards jumped up and yanked her dress over her head. As she stood there in just her black stockings she felt something mount her from behind and before she knew what was going on a blue green lizard had his massive cock inside her pussy!

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