Jerry’s Package Arrives

June 3rd, 2010

Gay Cartoon

Jerry had been waiting for his bonus from work for weeks and each and every day he ran out to greet the mailman and every day he told him there was nothing for him. Jerry was beginning to lose hope when Friday rolled around and the mailman can knocking on the door with Jerry’s long awaited letter in hand. Jerry couldn’t believe it and reaching over he hugged him and started yelling about what great news it was. As the mailman stood there he told Jerry that he had something else for him too, Jerry told him to come on in for a drink and to take a little break and then he could give him the package.

As they got inside though Jerry soon realized that the package the mailman wanted to give him was quite a lot more than he expected! As he turned around to open the letter he had in his hand the mailman crept up behind him and rubbed his hard dick against Jerry’s ass. Jerry jumped at first but he couldn’t believe how nice it felt between the cheeks of his ass and so he dared to push back against it. Soon enough the two found themselves completely naked!

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