Ralph Fucks a Sleeping Teen

June 5th, 2010

Gandpas Sleepy Head

Raja had just got home from working a long shift at work and all she wanted to do was lay down on the couch and go to sleep but she was too wound up. So slipping out of her panties she slid her fingers over her pussy and rubbed one out until she came, it always helped her to sleep better once she had cum and sleep better she did! In fact she slept so well that she didn’t even notice when Ralph, the maintenance guy from her apartment building let himself in to fix her washer. She had put a ticket in weeks ago and had no idea that he was going to come over today!

As Raja slept on the couch Ralph walked over and looked at her. He whispered her name a few times but when she didn’t wake up he risked a peek underneath her skirt. When he saw her wet pussy bare underneath her skirt he felt his cock get solid immediately. He slid his pants down and pulled his dick out and just when he did Raja rolled over with her mouth open to say something in her sleep. Ralph slid his cock right between her lips!

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