Mikayla Gets a BJ Lesson

June 7th, 2010

Her Old Teacher

Mikayla and her boyfriend haven’t been together long but she knew that things were starting to get serious for the two of them. One night last week he started indicating that he wanted to mess around but Mikayla was pretty nervous because she’d never even had sex before. What she was most nervous about though was that he would want her to give him a blowjob and she was terrified that she would do it all wrong. She pushed him away and told him she wasn’t sure she was ready but then she went home and called her neighbor, a good friend over to ask him questions about how to do what her boyfriend wanted.

Mikayla asked her neighbor to come over and when he came over she told him the problem that she was having and he told her that he had an idea of how to fix the problem. Mikayla asked him what his fix was and what it would involve, he told her that he thought that he would be able to teach her how to do everything her boyfriend wanted if she would be willing to practice on him. She agreed and before long she was teasing his fat cock!

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