Candy’s Friend Teaches Her How To Suck

June 10th, 2010

Mature Lessons

Candy and her boyfriend had been having some trouble in the bedroom. Candy hadn’t actually been with another man before her boyfriend and when they finally moved things to the bedroom they weren’t going so well. Candy was always afraid that she was going to hurt him when she sucked his cock or that  he was going to hurt her when he fucked her pussy. When she finally told her bestfriend about their troubles her best friend told her that her mom was a sex therapist and would be happy to drop in and help them to get things straight in the bedroom. Candy was a little hesitant but she knew that things had to change!

When Mrs. Voldar showed up Candy couldn’t help but laugh with embarrassment, she had never had anyone watch her in the bedroom before but she must have known what she was doing because as she held her boyfriend’s cock and showed her where to put her mouth Candy’s boyfriend started to moan so loud that you wouldn’t believe it! Candy soon found herself spreading her legs and learning how to pound his chubby cock as well!

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