Trisha Gets Her Ass Pounded

June 13th, 2010

Moms Got Cream

Trisha has always been pretty promiscuous, she loves to fuck cock and any cock will do for this teasing MILF. Even when her son was in school she would flirt with other members of the PTA! Now that her son is in college and away from home though Trisha has one thing on her mind and one thing only – getting her fill of fat dick! The very night her son went to college Trisha went out for a night on the town with one of her MILFY friends and the two of them partied it up until they were both so blitzed they would have pounded anything!

As it happened though Trisha ran in to one guy in particular that she just couldn’t take her eyes off and by the end of the night they were squeezing in to a cab back to her place. When they got there Trisha wasted no time in sliding his dick in to her mouth and even less time in spreading her legs and taking his fat cock in her twat. She got even kinkier as time went though because she started to beg him to fuck her tight asshole!

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