Louisa’s Stockings

June 17th, 2010

Nylon Butterflies

Louisa has never really given any thought to the clothes she wears when she works but apparently the new CEO gave it quite a lot of thought! Louisa always wears pantyhose and stockings to work but she doesn’t think twice since it’s on the welcome packet to all new employees that women should always wear pantyhose when they are not wearing trousers. So every day Louisa would walk in to the office wearing her nylons and walking up to her office she would get right to work. Last week though the CEO came in and asked if she would come over to his place that night and help him work on some paperwork.

Louisa knew she had no choice so right after work she followed her boss home and set about helping him work on paperwork. After working on a few forms the CEO ran his hand up her thigh touching the soft nylon with a smile. Louisa wanted to tell him to quit but at the same time it felt so good to feel his hand on her thigh and then he slid it up a little further to touch her pussy and she gave in completely.

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