Donny Gets A Mouthful

June 20th, 2010

Real Sperm Swap

Donny has always loved cock, he loves cock more than most guys love pussy and when he met up with Steven down at the career fair in town he knew that he wanted to see a lot more of him. He brushed his hand against his and asked him if he was currently seeing anyone. Steven turned bright red and leaned over whispering to him that he wasn’t out yet and so no one knew but he had been seeing a man lately but they’d only seen each other a few times and he wasn’t sure where it was going. Donny told him that he was hoping that they could get to know each other a little better and he promised not to tell the other guy if Steven didn’t.

Later that night both of them were back at Donny’s place and Donny had his lips wrapped around Steven’s fat cock. Steven couldn’t believe how good it felt to have Donny’s lips on his dick and he started to fuck his mouth, fucking harder and faster praying that he wouldn’t stop sucking until he came…and he didn’t. Donny looked up with a mouth full of sticky warm cum.

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  1. Tyler Says:

    This makes me so horny for more cock!!

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