Pete Gets Fucked

June 22nd, 2010

The Cross Dressers

Pete and his wife had been having issues lately, he didn’t know what started it all but he did know that he was no longer attracted to her. Eventually they drifted so far apart that they ended up splitting up and Pete got an apartment of his own. Things had changed so much since he last dated that Pete just didn’t have the energy anymore, he didn’t know where to start again and so he resolved to go at it alone for a while…until he saw some prostitutes on the corner of the street one night.

Pete had never fucked a prostitute before but he liked the idea of no strings attached so he drove down to the corner one night to pick out a babe to fuck. He drove past a few but when he saw Lola he knew that she was the one. He also knew that she was a guy dressed as a woman but he couldn’t help himself from picking her out. They didn’t waste anytime either, as soon as they got back to Pete’s place he had his dick buried deep in Lola’s tight ass and she was begging for more!

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