Julio Gets His Rocks Off

June 26th, 2010

Bad Cowboys

Julio had been working on the local ranch for a while, he hadn’t ever asked for a raise nor had he asked for any benefits from his boss because he was just happy to have a job. When one of the newer farm hands showed up on the scene though Julio started to worry about his job. The new guy had been getting raises right and left and Julio had no idea why he hadn’t been offered the same opportunity. One day when the new guy headed out to the fields Julio followed him and watched from behind the side of the barn. He watched as the new guy met up with their boss out in the field and dropped down to his knees to suck dick.

Julio realized now why his new co-worker was making more than he was but as he turned around to start back his boss caught sight of him. Julio’s boss beckoned him over and invited Julio to join in on the fun. Julio didn’t know what to do, he’d never even wanted to suck dick but he knew that if he wanted to keep his job he was going to have to so pulling out his cock he buried it deep in his co-workers tight ass!

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