Mike And James Sucking Dick

June 28th, 2010

Bareback Mania

Mike and James met each other at a local bar, they both worked night shifts and grew to be pretty close as the night hours dragged on. Sitting up on the bar in the middle of the night they would talk while they watched the cleanup crew going about their work. Chatting about life in general they pretty soon became close and got to know all of each other’s darkest secrets. Then one night after they’d both had a few too many to drink they stumbled home and popped open a few more beers and got to talking about the important things, like sex and men.

They both knew that the other was gay but neither knew that they weren’t seeing anyone and as the beer was flowing they started to get more touchy feely and then before they knew it they were making out. Warm tongues probing each other’s warm wet mouths they slid their hands down over each other’s dicks. It didn’t take long after that before the guys found themselves sliding their bare naked cocks deep in to each other’s tight puckered assholes and moaning louder than you have ever heard before!

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