Marco Takes On Black Dick

July 2nd, 2010

Black Machines

Marco had never had the chance to go to university before but when his full time job offered to pay him to go to school and get his degree he jumped at the chance. He couldn’t wait to get in to classes as well as to make new friends and maybe even join a fraternity. As soon as he set foot on campus and started to go to the new student orientations he found out that many of the fraternities wanted him to join so he decided to visit a few of them and find out which was going to be the best fit for him.

The first night on campus Marco went to the first frat house that had invited him in and when he walked through the door he found three of the guys sitting on the sofa in just their underwear. They handed him a cup of liquor and told him to join in their drinking game. He wasn’t sure but they all looked like they were having so much fun so he sat down with the cup in his hand. They started to ask trivia questions and when Marco didn’t know the answer one of the guys dipped his cock in Marco’s drink! He drank from the cup and as soon as he tasted that big cock he knew he wanted more!

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