Susan Gets Roped In

July 4th, 2010

Bondage Here

Susan has always been the type of babe who will try absolutely anything at least once but usually twice or more! There hasn’t been anything that she hasn’t loved so far and when her boyfriend suggested that they try a little bondage and rope play she jumped at the chance to get tied up and teased! Picking out the ropes Susan also threw a delicious pair of fishnet stockings in to the cart and a PVC bustier! By the time the two of them got back to their apartment from the adult lingerie store they were already ready to play and couldn’t wait to get upstairs and start unwrapping their new toys!

Susan slipped in to her black fishnets and her PVC bustier and then she begged her boyfriend to start tying her up in their new ropes. He couldn’t help himself and he started to slip those ropes around her criss crossing them across her body. He even slipped them between her legs and watched as her delicious pink twat lips peeked through her fishnets and the red and yellow ropes that crossed her body! As she felt the ropes getting tighter against her skin her pussy started to get wetter and wetter!

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