Callum And Ian Take A Shower

July 5th, 2010

Boys Wedding

Callum and Ian were supposed to be getting married at five but they couldn’t resist seeing each other one more time before the ceremony. Callum dropped by Ian’s hotel room to give him a kiss and then go back to his own room to get changed but that’s not exactly how it happened. When Callum got to the room he heard the shower running and he couldn’t help but stick his head around the door and take a look in the bathroom to see what Ian was up to!

When Callum looked in the bathroom he caught a look of Ian standing in the shower stroking his wet hard dick with his head thrown back under the warm water. Callum cleared his throat and for a second Ian jumped and then he flashed him a smile and called him over. Callum couldn’t resist and he stripped off for a quick fuck before the wedding. Stepping in to the shower he slid his hand over Ian’s fat wet cock and then he got down on his knees and slid that cock in to his mouth. The very feel of his warm cock in his mouth made his own cock stand to attention!

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