Stan Takes Two Gay Dicks

July 8th, 2010

Crazy Gay Bus

Stan had been having a hard time making ends meet lately. No matter how hard he worked at the farm his boss just wouldn’t give him a raise and he was forced to go out every weekend looking for work wherever he could get it. He’d heard about a street a couple of blocks away from his house where a lot of the immigrants went to pick up manual labor work so early on Saturday he headed out there to wait for a truck to come by and offer him work.

When the truck pulled up Stan had no idea what to say or how things were supposed to go but when a guy asked him if he was game Stan shrugged and said sure. He jumped in to the van and without looking he slammed the door shut. Just then he turned around and came face to face with two fat throbbing dicks! His first instinct was to run but when one of the guys said “one hundred?” Stan decided that one hundred bucks was a pretty good amount of money to spread his legs and open wide! He never thought he’d slut himself out to a guy but to tell the truth he kind of liked slutting himself out to two guys!

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