Kyle Takes It In The Ass!

July 10th, 2010

Cum From That Ass

Kyle has always been the sentimental sort of guy and he never believed in fucking just anyone, in fact he was twenty four before he fucked anyone and even then it was his tennis coach and it had been a long time coming. He had never believed in fucking everyone you came across though and so at twenty five he had only ever fucked his coach but when his friend Tony invited him over to watch a few movies with him and his roommate things got really out of hand really fast!

Kyle arrived with a six pack in hand and when he got there he found that they already had beer on ice. As the evening progressed so did the beer drinking and by the end of the movie everyone was pretty nicely drunk. As he got drunker Kyle started to get sillier and pretty soon he was flirting like he’d never flirted before. When Tony started flirting back it didn’t take long before clothes were flying off and Kyle found himself stuck in the middle of two fat dicks, one plugged right up his tight asshole and the other sliding deep down his throat!

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