Joy Teases Her Holes!

July 11th, 2010

Cute Joy

Joy has always been something of a naughty teen and when her best friend asked her to go with her on a new job interview she was up for it. To tell the truth Joy was up for anything anytime! Her girlfriend told her that the job was to be a model for this agency but that she’d never heard of the agency before so she was pretty worried about going there on her own. Joy told her not to worry about it, that she’d go with her and they could do it together if she wanted.

When they got to the photography studio Joy was expecting it to be a porno shoot and that is exactly what it was. Her girlfriend, however, wasn’t expecting it and after one look she went running out of the front door crying telling Joy she wasn’t going to do something so naughty. Joy on the other hand thought it looked like a lot of fun and it wasn’t long before she was unbuttoning her shirt and flashing those delicious tits of hers. She was all smiles as the photographer told her exactly what to do and she did it all!

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