Nancy Gets A Ticket

July 14th, 2010

Evil Comics

Nancy was always getting busted for driving too fast and usually all she had to do was blink her eyes a little and push her plump titties together and she ended up getting sent off with just a warning. Last week though Nancy got busted driving fourty miles over the limit in her new red sports car and try as she might just batting her eyelids wasn’t getting her out of it. Just as she thought she was screwed she nudged her friend to let her know that they were going in to overdrive.

As Nancy’s girlfriend leaned down and licked the gear shift Nancy pulled her big titties out of her shirt and started to tease them. The cop stood there for a second and then he unzipped his pants. His already rock hard boner popped out of his pants and he smiled at the girls, he told them he was sure that they could come to some sort of agreement over the ticket! Nancy beckoned him over and as he walked up to the car she leaned out and wrapped her lips around his humongous cock, sucking like there was no tomorrow!

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