Priya Spreads Her Legs

July 21st, 2010

Lust Comics

Priya had come of age a couple of years ago but living in the palace her parents were fairly over protective of her and even at twenty years of age she was forbidden to travel outside of the palace gates. Every night Priya would imagine what stood outside those gates, the people she would meet and what it would be like to finally feel a man’s touch against her skin. She didn’t know why her parents were so protective of her, there couldn’t possibly be anything that scary outside of those two gates. One night Priya made her mind up to travel outside of the gates and see for herself the world that her parents forbade her to see.

Stepping outside the gates Priya slipped in to the forest that ran alongside the palace, she was sure to stay un-noticed there. As she stood still for a second though she heard a rustling next to her and in a matter of minutes she found vines wrapping themselves around her legs. As they crept up her legs and spread them apart her clothes started to melt off her body. She could feel the anticipation as the vines slowly crept up to her best kept secret.

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