Mandy Fits In At Work

July 23rd, 2010

Mature Debutants

Mandy had alwys been the first to receive a raise at the office and she was always in the know of whatever was going on behind the closed doors of the bosses office. The other girls in the office were always jealous of Mandy and they just couldn’t figure out why she was always getting special attention from all of the guys in suits. It wasn’t like she was young and pretty like they were, in fact she had to be the oldest one in the entire building and yet she got everything before they did!

Mandy had her secrets though. Mandy knew everyone’s schedules and everyone’s wives schedules and she knew when her bosses wife had to go to a dinner party so she also knew the nights that her boss could stay late after work. Mandy always stuck around to “help” on those nights although she always ended up doing a lot more than helping! When the younger girls were making their way home Mandy was laying on her bosses desk completely naked getting her wrinkled pussy pounded! The boss just couldn’t get enough of Mandy’s slit, of her obsession with pleasing, her ability to suck cock and the way she moaned when she came!

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