Gilly Gets Creamed

July 25th, 2010

Moms Got Cream

Gilly has always been a total slut, so much of a total slut that she never even bothered getting married even when she found out she was going to be a mom. Well time passed and Gilly made it through until her daughter left home for college but once she realized that she had the hole house to herself she just couldn’t stop thinking about all the dick she could get! Soon Gilly found herself inviting new friends over every night and there was never a night when she went to bed alone. She just lusted after that thick creamy jizz deep inside her tight pussy!

When Gilly threw a business party last week though she thought she would have to put away slutty Gilly for the night so that she could make sure she didn’t lose her job. As it happened her much younger boss showed up already drunker than hell and begging every woman at the party to fuck him. Gilly wasn’t about to overlook the opportunity for a good fuck and a raise so she dragged him back to the bedroom and spread her legs nice and wide, begging him to fuck her tight slit until she couldn’t take anymore!

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