Courtney Gets Pounded Hard

July 30th, 2010

Pregnant Wishes

Courtney is a slutty babe who has always craved cock any time of day but since she got pregnant her craving for cock has been so insatiable that even her husband can’t keep her satisfied! Finally when his poor dick just couldn’t take anymore he started letting his whore pregnant wife take anything she wanted including the handy man’s cock deep inside her tight wet hole! It started one day when he was home and he saw his wife eying the handy man as he bent over to fix a leaking pipe.

Courtney looked at her husband and then as if to say fuck it I want it anyway she walked up behind the handy man and made a comment about seeing his pipe. She grabbed his ass and the poor guy didn’t know what to say until he turned around and saw her husband who gave him a nod and walked out. Courtney grabbed the handy man’s hand and dragged him in to the living room where she told him to get his dick out because she needed it now more than ever. The guy was still bewildered but couldn’t help himself and he whipped out his dick !

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