Callum Sucking Three Dicks!

July 31st, 2010

Real Drunk Boys

Callum had heard all about fraternities at the college he was headed to. His friends who already went to the college had told him about how tough it was to get in and all the hazing rituals they had to go through to get in to the fraternity but Callum had also heard that it would open many doors for him if he did get in to the fraternity so he was willing to give it a shot and see if he could make it through the hazing process. When he made it through the first rounds Callum was pretty excited but as time went on things get pretty crazy!

Callum was invited up to the house one day by three of his brothers and he was certain that he’d be picked for a reason, that they really wanted him in the fraternity. If only he knew that he was being picked because they liked the look of his lips! When he showed up the guys all three stripped nude, handed him a bottle of Whiskey and told him to drink until he could drink no more then suck off their cocks like their was no tomorrow!

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