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Callum Sucking Three Dicks!

July 31st, 2010

Real Drunk Boys

Callum had heard all about fraternities at the college he was headed to. His friends who already went to the college had told him about how tough it was to get in and all the hazing rituals they had to go through to get in to the fraternity but Callum had also heard that it would open many doors for him if he did get in to the fraternity so he was willing to give it a shot and see if he could make it through the hazing process. When he made it through the first rounds Callum was pretty excited but as time went on things get pretty crazy!

Callum was invited up to the house one day by three of his brothers and he was certain that he’d be picked for a reason, that they really wanted him in the fraternity. If only he knew that he was being picked because they liked the look of his lips! When he showed up the guys all three stripped nude, handed him a bottle of Whiskey and told him to drink until he could drink no more then suck off their cocks like their was no tomorrow!

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Courtney Gets Pounded Hard

July 30th, 2010

Pregnant Wishes

Courtney is a slutty babe who has always craved cock any time of day but since she got pregnant her craving for cock has been so insatiable that even her husband can’t keep her satisfied! Finally when his poor dick just couldn’t take anymore he started letting his whore pregnant wife take anything she wanted including the handy man’s cock deep inside her tight wet hole! It started one day when he was home and he saw his wife eying the handy man as he bent over to fix a leaking pipe.

Courtney looked at her husband and then as if to say fuck it I want it anyway she walked up behind the handy man and made a comment about seeing his pipe. She grabbed his ass and the poor guy didn’t know what to say until he turned around and saw her husband who gave him a nod and walked out. Courtney grabbed the handy man’s hand and dragged him in to the living room where she told him to get his dick out because she needed it now more than ever. The guy was still bewildered but couldn’t help himself and he whipped out his dick !

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Pantyhose Fucking Fun

July 29th, 2010

Nylon Butterfly

Allison has always loved wearing pantyhose or even stockings, in fact she loves wearing them so much that she had ruined more pairs than she knows what to do with. Allison loves to collect nylons but she always wears them so much that they get worn and ripped…or else they get ripped off her! Last week when Allison invited a co-worker home to her place she had no idea what he had in mind for her but as it turned out he loved nylons just as much as she did and it didn’t take more than a bite of dinner before they dropped their forks and ran in to the bedroom!

Allison’s new friend threw her back on to the bed and he started to pull at her clothes until she lay there in nothing but her nylon pantyhose and wha was left of her ripped shirt. The heat of the moment got so heated that as she lay there he could do nothing more than tear in to her pantyhose to get at her soft shaved pussy! He wanted to feel that smooth nylon against his cock and he wanted to feel her soft wet slid sliding up and down his hard throbbing cock too!

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Gwen Spreads Her Pussy Lips

July 28th, 2010

Nubile Ones

Gwen has always wanted to be a big star but unlike most teens she isn’t looking to become the next movie star, no Gwen is looking to be the next porn star! Gwen wants to be the next teen slut to see how many fat throbbing dicks she can cram in to her tight pussy at once. Gwen wants to see just how crazy she can drive a guy before he jizzes all over himself. Gwen wants to be the next big thing, so when she heard that Nubile Ones were searching for hot teen babes she couldn’t help herself from setting up an audition.

Gwen showed up to her audition in a string bikini, thigh high boots and a chainmail dress that barely covered any of her soft nubile skin. As she stepped in to the shower where the audition team asked her to start doing her little routine she didn’t hesitate to start teasing that camera like there was no tomorrow. Slipping out of her chainmail dress she then slipped out of her bikini too and before they knew it the interviewers were watching her spreading those delicious shaved pussy lips and teasing that bald pussy!

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Steffy Learns How To Suck Cock!

July 27th, 2010

New Porn Talents

Steffy is a naughty blonde teen and she has always loved cock, in fact she has always been absolutely obsessed with cock to the point that she just can’t think about anything else. When one of her friends told her about the guys at New Porn Talent who were always on the look out for delicious hard bodied teens who were willing to spread their legs for the camera she didn’t hesitate and she called them right away. The guys weren’t picky and they told her to come right down and do her interview for them and within the house Steffy was standing in their office.

When Steffy stepped in to the back room for her interview she saw that there was already a guy sitting there with his dick out and without looking back for instruction she stepped forward and sat next to him. She flashed him a smile and then leaning down she slipped her warm wet lips around his dick, sucking him so hard that he almost couldn’t take any more. His dick twitched between her lips and she kept on sucking until she got a messy face full of his sticky warm cum!

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Hairy MILF Gets Pounded Hard

July 26th, 2010

Moms Video Collection

Coline is a slutty MILF, she’s not the type of mom you’d bring your college roommates home to see because the chances are as soon as you turn your back she’d be flat on her back with her legs in the air. Coline doesn’t hold any bars when it comes to getting her fuzzy MILFY pussy filled full of cock and she doesn’t care how old her fuck buddies are whether it’s 18 or 48 as long as their cock is stiff she couldn’t care less!

Coline had been trying to sell her house recently and when one of the potential buyers showed interest in her she offered to fuck him hard and fast if he promised to buy her place! He jumped on the chance to get his rocks off knowing that he wouldn’t be buying the house! Coline didn’t care really though as long as she got her pussy pounded but when her new friend got her naked in the bedroom she didn’t find herself with a cock in her pussy but rather she had a massive cock in her tight ass instead! Coline still rode that dick like a champ and she squeezed every ounce of cum out of that dick!

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Gilly Gets Creamed

July 25th, 2010

Moms Got Cream

Gilly has always been a total slut, so much of a total slut that she never even bothered getting married even when she found out she was going to be a mom. Well time passed and Gilly made it through until her daughter left home for college but once she realized that she had the hole house to herself she just couldn’t stop thinking about all the dick she could get! Soon Gilly found herself inviting new friends over every night and there was never a night when she went to bed alone. She just lusted after that thick creamy jizz deep inside her tight pussy!

When Gilly threw a business party last week though she thought she would have to put away slutty Gilly for the night so that she could make sure she didn’t lose her job. As it happened her much younger boss showed up already drunker than hell and begging every woman at the party to fuck him. Gilly wasn’t about to overlook the opportunity for a good fuck and a raise so she dragged him back to the bedroom and spread her legs nice and wide, begging him to fuck her tight slit until she couldn’t take anymore!

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Slutty Amanda Takes Three Dicks!

July 24th, 2010

MILF Wishes

Amanda was pretty nervous about going back to college but after her husband left her and her son went off to college himself she knew that she had to expand her education so that she could support herself. She wasn’t sure how she was going to fit in and her first day back at school reminded her of her first ever day at school. She had butterflies in her stomach and her nerves were running rampant but she knew that this was something that she had to do so she put on her cute new outfit and she headed back to school.

When she walked through to the front office Amanda was faced with three college seniors who seemed to be wasting time playing around and joking with each other. When she walked in she noticed that they stopped talking and they couldn’t take their eyes off her. She couldn’t take her eyes off them either especially as their huge dicks began to grow hard. One of the guys winked at her and asked if she wanted to come and check out the student common room. She answered with a “sure” and soon found herself in there with the three of them completely alone!

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Mandy Fits In At Work

July 23rd, 2010

Mature Debutants

Mandy had alwys been the first to receive a raise at the office and she was always in the know of whatever was going on behind the closed doors of the bosses office. The other girls in the office were always jealous of Mandy and they just couldn’t figure out why she was always getting special attention from all of the guys in suits. It wasn’t like she was young and pretty like they were, in fact she had to be the oldest one in the entire building and yet she got everything before they did!

Mandy had her secrets though. Mandy knew everyone’s schedules and everyone’s wives schedules and she knew when her bosses wife had to go to a dinner party so she also knew the nights that her boss could stay late after work. Mandy always stuck around to “help” on those nights although she always ended up doing a lot more than helping! When the younger girls were making their way home Mandy was laying on her bosses desk completely naked getting her wrinkled pussy pounded! The boss just couldn’t get enough of Mandy’s slit, of her obsession with pleasing, her ability to suck cock and the way she moaned when she came!

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Angie Gets A Cock Sucking Lesson

July 22nd, 2010

Mature Lessons

Angie had never really been confident in herself and her skills when it came to the bedroom. No matter what she did to increase her confidence, whether it’s watching DVD’s or whether it’s asking for tips from her girlfriends she just can’t seem to build a confidence in her cock sucking skills so once day last week she asked one of her older girlfriends for a few pointers. Her girlfriend told her that she’d do one better and if she came over to her place that night she could give her a few pointers first hand.

Angie went over to Susan’s place and when she got there and Susie led her through to the bedroom and she found a guy laying there naked she wanted to just run away! She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and she wanted to turn and run! Susie smiled at her and introduced the guy as her boyfriend “the swinger” and with that Susie got down on the bed and started giving Angie tips on how to go about sucking his cock. At first Angie was so daunted by the whole idea that she was panicking but then as his dick got harder she just couldn’t help herself from wrapping her lips around it!

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