Drunk Brunette Gets Fucked

August 1st, 2010

Real Drunken Girls

Sheri had always been something of a prude, she didn’t like to think about sex, talk about sex and she rarely admitted to having any libido at all. One weekend though while her boyfriend was visiting one of his friends dropped by with a fifth of gin and they started talking and drinking and discussing some business deal he was supposed to be working on. Well as they talked and drank Sheri dared herself to keep up with them as they drank, she wanted to prove that she could be one of the boys and as they took a shot she took a shot too.

As the bottle slowly drained Sheri soon realized that she was pretty damn drunk and that her boyfriend’s friend looked really hot. Leaning over she whispered in a very loud voice that she thought he was really hot and would love to feel his dick in her throat. She couldn’t believe that had come out of her mouth but when he turned around and said okay and her boyfriend grabbed the camcorder she knew that she’d committed to getting throat fucked until she just couldn’t take any more!

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