Juan Fucks A Cross Dresser

August 3rd, 2010

Studs Fun

Juan had been having a hell of a day, his landlord had posted a notice of eviction and his boss had fired him. Juan had absolutely no idea where he was going to go or what he was going to do but he certainly felt like going out to get drunk off his ass. Juan started out at his favorite local bar but soon he met up with a friend and they headed out to another bar and another bar until they all got drunk off their asses and started to hit on babes. After Juan’s friend ended up leaving with a girl Juan was left with two girls and he sure as hell wasn’t going to pick one of them so he invited them both back to his house.

Before they even got home the girls were teasing Juan’s fat dick, rubbing him through his jeans and getting him all worked up. Juan didn’t even know the girls let alone know that they weren’t even girls…well, he didn’t know that they were girls until he got them inside and slid his hand over the front of their skirts and found throbbing cocks. That didn’t stop Juan though!

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