Sheila Gets Sucked Off

August 4th, 2010

VIP Tranny

Sheila is a slutty blonde shemale who always gets what she wants and usually what she wants is to get her huge shemale cock teased until she explodes! Sheila works full time as an interior designer and she often meets some really cute guys when she is looking around their empty houses giving them design ideas. Sheila always runs across single men because the truth of the matter is that hardly any of them know how to decorate a home alone and Sheila can usually come to some sort of agreement with them on payment terms as soon as they see those massive tits of hers!

Last week Sheila met up with this guy who had been living in a nearly empty mansion for a couple of years. He had heard about Sheila from a friend but as soon as Sheila walked in to his place she knew that he had called her over for something else because his eyes kept dropping down to her throbbing cock. Finally as she sat on the edge of the desk she spread her legs and gives him a peek under her dress. Well it wasn’t long after he caught a peek under that dress he had her on the table, sucking off her cock!

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