Sammy and Hunter Get Naughty

August 9th, 2010

Bareback Mania

Sammy had never been the sort of guy to just presume so when Hunter asked him on their first date he made sure to shower and shave and wear a nice outfit but he didn’t remember to bring a condom. He was certain that on the first date no one had sex and so he wasn’t too worried about the whole thing. Now a the night pressed on and they both got to know each other a little better it was obvious that there was a spark and that the night was getting a little more involved a little more quickly.

Sammy and Hunter went back to Hunters place and before he knew what he was doing Sammy was pressing his lips against Hunters. He was aching underneath Hunters hand and Hunter couldn’t wait anymore. Unzipping Sammy’s pants he pulled out his cock and for a second Sammy thought about there not being a condom but the thought didn’t last long because Hunter soon had him on his back. Peeling down those pants he pushed Sammy’s legs up over his head and he parted those ass cheeks. Sliding his dick against Sammy’s asshole Hunter was quivering and Sammy was begging him to fuck him!

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