Vince Sucking Dick

August 14th, 2010

Boys Collection

Vince had been eying Henry at the club for weeks now, he couldn’t stop day dreaming about him and all he wanted to do was slide his dick between his lips. Vince watched Henry from the side of the bar and tried to catch his eye, he had had enough being obsessed with him and finally he was going to get what he wanted. Finally Henry saw him looking at him and he walked over to introduce himself. Vince held on to Henry’s hand just a little longer and he flashed his best tease my look and it must have worked because Henry leaned in and invited him back to his place.

Henry’s place was pretty small but Vince didn’t really care because all he really wanted was to see the bedroom! Henry grabbed Vince and dragged him through to the bedroom where he threw him back on the bed. Henry’s hand ran over Vince’s aching cock and he leaned in and planted his lips on Vince’s. Vince could feel that tongue run along his lips and he reached down and grabbed hold of Henry’s dick. It wasn’t long before the two of them were sucking on each other’s massive cocks!

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