Alena Takes Two Dicks!

August 17th, 2010

Crazy DP

Alena has always been something of a total cock whore, she spends most of her days thinking about getting laid and when she’s not thinking about it she is usually doing it! Well last week a new man moved in to the neighborhood and in typical Alena fashion she dropped by to say hello and introduce herself. She also wanted to check out how hot he was to see if she had a new fuck buddy next door!

When Alena got to his house she found two guys sitting there, the guy who had moved in and the guy’s best friend who was helping him move his stuff. Well Alena knew that she was in luck and as she introduced herself and went over to sit between the guys she couldn’t help herself – she put her hands on their thighs and started moving them upwards to stroke their cocks. Both guys couldn’t help themselves either and it wasn’t long before Alena was welcoming her new neighbor as well as his best friend to the neighborhood! Alena took both of their already throbbing dicks and slid them between her lips to taste both of the guys at once!

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