Reggie Takes It In The Ass

August 25th, 2010

Gay Cartoon

Reggie had been eyeing the new guy at work, his ass was so tight and round and it was all Reggie could do to stop himself from daydreaming about teasing that ass all day every day! Well one day a few weeks ago when Reggie stayed late to work on catching up on some paperwork he looked over from his desk and saw that Daniel was still at work as well. He flashed him a coy smile and got back to work. It wasn’t more than a few minutes later when Reggie looked up and saw Daniel standing there at his desk and he had a raging boner.

Reggie stared at that fat throbbing cock that was begging to get out of Daniels pants and he just couldn’t tear his eyes away from it. Finally he lifted his eyes to meet Daniels with a smile and Daniel nodded at him. No sooner had Daniel nodded than his pants were around his ankles and Reggie was teasing that huge dick with his lips and his tongue. He wanted to feel that fat dick deep in his tight ass and he just couldn’t hold himself back anymore!

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