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Reena Gets Her Tight Slit Teased

August 31st, 2010

Lust Comics

Reena had been bound to her lab on the ship for weeks trying to find the outcome of a cross pollination experiment her captain had begged her to complete. She felt like she hadn’t even moved from her desk in about three days and finally she decided that it was time to get out of the ship for a while. The weather outside was perfect, warm and a little humid, just right for walking around completely nude. It wasn’t like there was anyone around to watch her anyway so Reena slipped out of her uniform and walked down to the stream where she could feel the warm water lapping at her skin.

As she slipped in to the water though she felt something wrap around her legs, something long and smooth. She wanted to panic but she suddenly felt calm as though there were absolutely nothing to worry about. Looking down she saw it, underneath her perfectly trimmed pussy she saw the alien creature staring up at her pink slit. She could see it drooling in anticipation of teasing her pussy and she knew she shouldn’t get close to the alien being but she just couldn’t help herself.

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Lena’s Big Plump Titties

August 30th, 2010

Ideal Boobs

Lena is a gorgeous brunette babe with the biggest juiciest titties that you’ve ever seen! She just can’t help herself from teasing those supple tits with a smile and even when she’s out in the park she can’t stop herself but it’s not as though the old guys feeding the birds mind seeing the show! Lena gives them the best show as she starts by teasing in her cute flowered sun dress. It doesn’t take all that long before she is doing more than just teasing in that dress, soon enough she is slipping out of that dress completely!

Just watch as Lena slips her dress down over her plump tits and flashes those sweet pink nipples. Ignoring the fact that just about anyone could be watching she slips her dress up over her thick thighs and flashes her cute cotton panties. Pulling those panties aside she shows off that sweet shaved pussy and grabs hold of her plump juicy tit! As she squeezes that titty her pussy gets wetter and wetter and soon she can’t stop herself from slipping out of that dress entirely! Next she has her panties slipped down over her thighs as well!

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Tina’s Old Sex Teacher

August 29th, 2010

Her Old Teacher

Tina has always loved playing the part of the kinky teen, knowing how turned on it gets guys. Well when her newest neighbor moved in he just couldn’t keep his eyes off her and Tina knew it all too well. She had to admit that she really loved the way she felt when he stared at her titties and so she invited him over for a drink or two one night. As she started to drink she knew full well what she had in store for him but the poor guy had absolutely no idea what he was in for!

As Tina downed a few drinks she started to get a little drunk and her neighbor just kept on pouring her new drinks. Soon enough she flashed him a naughty smile and he couldn’t help but reach over and slip her shirt down to take a peek at her perky tit. As soon as he set eyes on those perky tits he wanted to see her tight wet pussy too. Lifting up her skirt he rubbed his fingers across her panties and felt them start to get damp. Soon Tina turned in to her true self, a kinky little cock loving slut!

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Ranma and Akane Get Down And Dirty

August 28th, 2010

Hentai Mania

Ranma had been aching to feel Akane’s tight pussy around his cock for about as long as he could remember. After she finally said yes to going out on a date with him though he realized that getting to feel her tight pussy around his dick wasn’t going to be as easy as he originally thought. They had been seeing each other for months and yet she had still to give in and agree to fuck him. When she asked Ranma to go out on a walk in the woods with him one weekend he just knew that it was his chance!

As they walked Akane started to get tired so Ranma suggested that they sit down for a rest. As they sat there Ranma reached over and brushed his hand under her skirt. She didn’t stop him this time and Ranma knew that he was in for some fun! As he felt her tight wet slit on his fingers his cock started to get rock solid and as he unzipped his pants and let that cock free he could see her eyes getting huge. As she watched him he felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter!

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Antonia Gets Fingered

August 27th, 2010

Grandpas Sleepyhead

Antonia’s landlord had left her a note on her door earlier in the week that this Friday he would be dropping round to check her smoke detectors. He had been checking in with all of his tennants to make sure that they were all safe. Antonia knew that she would be home from her morning classes by the time he dropped by but by the time Friday rolled around she had forgotten all about the notice! She’d had such a long morning that she’d gone in to lay down for a while and nap until her lunch time classes. As she lay there, her nude body sleeping she didn’t even hear when her landlord stepped through the front door.

He walked over to where Antonia was sleeping and for a few minutes he just stood there whispering to her to see if he could wake her. When she didn’t wake he couldn’t help himself from sitting next to her and sliding his finger between her legs. As soon as he felt how wet her pussy was he felt his cock getting rock solid and he just couldn’t help himself, he dropped his pants and took his cock out to stroke his dick while he teased her slit!

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Mr. Smith Teaches Cock Sucking

August 26th, 2010

Gay Lessons

Mr. Smith had lived next door to Gerry and Adam for a couple of years now but lately he could tell that they weren’t getting along. Every other night all he could hear out of their apartment was yelling and screaming and then inevitably one of them would end up crying. Well one night when things were relatively quiet Mr. Smith decided to drop by their apartment just to make sure that everything was okay and they hadn’t killed each other! When he knocked on the door Gerry answered and let him inside with a pretend smile.

Mr. Smith sat down with the boys and finally got out of them why they were fighting so much. Gerry and Adam had no idea what they were doing in the bedroom and so neither of them came away from sex satisfied. Mr. Smith knew that this problem was easily resolved and he endeavored to teach them both how to suck and fuck cock. At first Gerry and Adam were really nervous and not sure how to approach Mr. Smith as he stood there with his dick out but soon they both relaxed and learned how to suck a real cock!

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Reggie Takes It In The Ass

August 25th, 2010

Gay Cartoon

Reggie had been eyeing the new guy at work, his ass was so tight and round and it was all Reggie could do to stop himself from daydreaming about teasing that ass all day every day! Well one day a few weeks ago when Reggie stayed late to work on catching up on some paperwork he looked over from his desk and saw that Daniel was still at work as well. He flashed him a coy smile and got back to work. It wasn’t more than a few minutes later when Reggie looked up and saw Daniel standing there at his desk and he had a raging boner.

Reggie stared at that fat throbbing cock that was begging to get out of Daniels pants and he just couldn’t tear his eyes away from it. Finally he lifted his eyes to meet Daniels with a smile and Daniel nodded at him. No sooner had Daniel nodded than his pants were around his ankles and Reggie was teasing that huge dick with his lips and his tongue. He wanted to feel that fat dick deep in his tight ass and he just couldn’t hold himself back anymore!

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Fucking For Cash

August 24th, 2010

Favorite Boys

Ralph and Raul have been friends for just a few months and when they found out that they were going to be roommates for the get away weekend with work they were secretly pretty happy about it. They knew there could have been a lot worse options than each other, besides they got along pretty well so they were sure it was going to be a fun weekend filled with drinking and general festivities. So they guys went on the trip and things were going pretty well until Saturday morning.

Raul started panicking saying he had lost his wallet and he needed cash to get through the weekend. Well Ralph told him he’d spot him the cash he needed but Raul told him he couldn’t just take it. After some thought Ralph told him that if he preferred he could earn the money instead. Well when Ralph told Raul what he wanted him to do for the money Raul wasn’t too sure but the more he thought about it the less weird it seemed. Stripping Raul spread out on the bed and as he knelt there on all fours he felt Ralph grab him from behind and slide his fat dick in to Raul’s tight ass!

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Erena Gets Alien Fucked

August 23rd, 2010

Evil Comics

Erena had been tasked with watching over the bio-unit of the station and she spent most of her time looking through microscopes or cross pollinating flowers. She had always been something of a science nerd though so it didn’t really bother her that she spent most of her time around strange life forms. Her most recent project was to take care of one of the enemy life forms they had captured just outside of their ship. The green lifeform spent most of its time within a pretty large cage where Erena made sure to feed it three times a day and even offered it conversation.

Erena had to go in to the cage a few days ago when the lifeform wasn’t responding to any stimulus. She shut the door behind her but as she walked over to it she felt a rush of air behind her and before she knew what was going on she had been pushed back on her ass and her clothes were gone. Erena felt such incredible pleasure for a second and when she looked up she found the lifeform had slid it’s fat pink dick deep inside her tight wet slit!

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Smoking And Sucking Cock

August 22nd, 2010

Dirty Smokers

Loretta has always been a smoker for just about as long as she can remember and she has never even thought of it being a sexy experience. One day a few weeks ago though Loretta was sitting in a bar smoking her cigarette and letting huge clouds of smoke blow above her head. She just happened to turn around after a few minutes and notice a guy in the corner of the room watching her very intently and she couldn’t bring herself to look away. Soon enough the guy came over and introduced himself and it wasn’t long before Loretta found herself inviting him back to her place.

That night Loretta found her first guy who really got off on watching a woman smoke. Every time she took a puff of smoke she saw his dick get even harder than before and finally he was begging her to blow the smoke on his throbbing cock. Loretta couldn’t resist as she stroked her hand up and down that fat hard cock. She felt his cock quiver in her hand as the smoke carressed his huge dick and he kept on begging her for more smoke each time!

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