Bella Fucked In Her Pantyhose

September 8th, 2010

Nylon Butterfly

Bella knew when she met her current lover that he was in to nylons. She knew from the fact that everytime she walked in to the office he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her tan pantyhose and any chance he got to rub his hand along those soft pantyhose he wouldn’t hesitate to take. Bella knew that his enthusiasm was just one of the reasons that she had brought him back to her place that day but after the first afternoon of crazed fucking she just couldn’t stop herself from bringing him back to her place every afternoon. It was costing her a fortune in pantyhose but it was the best sex that she’d ever had in her life!

Bella loved the way that he would pick her up and throw her back on to the bed. She couldn’t get enough of how he would tear at her pantyhose, desperately trying to get at her sweet shaved snatch through those soft nylons. Once he did he would whip out his throbbing dick and rub it against that soft nylon until he was so hard he couldn’t take it anymore. Just when Bella was so wet she was begging him to just fuck her he would slowly slide inside her slit!

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