Katie Gets Drunk Fucked

September 11th, 2010

Real Drunk Girls

Katie had told herself that she wasn’t going to get drunk at the party because every time she got drunk she knew that she turned in to a total slut and ended up fucking just about every one at the party. But she promised herself that this time would be different, after all it was just going to be a small get together and she was sure that she couldn’t get in to too much trouble with a couple of old friends from school…at least that’s what she thought until the drinks started coming and she just couldn’t say no.

It must have been two hours after she arrived that she felt so drunk she couldn’t hold her liquor anymore. A couple of the guys came over to hold her hair back but even as she was throwing up she was reaching over to grab their cocks. She got those guys so excited that they just couldn’t take anymore and Katie didn’t hesitate to help them peel down her panties! As she bent over she felt the old familiar feeling of a fat dick deep in her tight asshole and then she felt so amazing as another cock rammed in to her tight slit too!

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