Kevin And Hugo Swap Sperm

September 12th, 2010

Real Sperm Swap

Kevin and Hugo had been drinking…to say they had been drinking would actually be something of an understatement because they were both completely drunk that night when things started to take a turn. The both of them had girlfriends at home but they had decided to have a guys night with a few dumb movies and a couple six packs of beer. Long after the beer was gone though the guys started to experiment with something they’d never tried before. It all started when Kevin said he could crush Hugo and he sat on him. As he sat on him he felt Hugo’s fat cock starting to grow and poke him through his pants.

The two guys weren’t too sure what to do so Kevin just sat there for a few minutes feeling Hugo’s fat cock brushing against his ass. Then, as if they both knew, without saying a word they started to strip off and then Kevin leaned down and wrapped his lips around Hugo’s throbbing dick. It wasn’t long before the guys were sliding their cocks deep in to each other’s tight round asses. After a good fuck they couldn’t help but taste each other’s slick cum!

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